Looking for Year-Round Warmth and Sunshine?

February 4, 2020


For those of you currently living in cold, wet climates, if 246 days of sunshine this year sounds appealing, Fort Lauderdale may be just the place for you!  With average temperatures of 76 to 90 degrees year-round we enjoy a lifestyle that doesn’t include “snow days”.

Many dream of owning a residence in Florida.  The ability to enjoy outdoor activities year-round, dock your yacht behind your property or enjoy the easy convenience of condominium or townhome living is certainly an attainable goal.  The tax advantages of Florida residency along with no state income tax makes the sun shine even brighter for those moving here from out of State.

Florida is known as the Sunshine State for a good reason.  It is easy to be happy when the sun is shining on your back as you walk to the beach, swim, cycle, golf, play tennis or enjoy boating almost any day of the year.  No need to spend time putting on snow tires, covering the pool or ‘winterizing’ your residence here!

No wonder there are so many boaters in Fort Lauderdale – the water temperatures range from 76 in January to 87 degrees around August!   Interestingly the winter water temperatures here run 6 degrees warmer than off Key West and almost 10 degrees warmer than in the Gulf of Mexico near Naples.  The Gulf Stream current that flows around the southeastern portion of Florida provides a warming effect in the winter and a cooling influence in the summer.

The 3 major International Airports offer 100 non-stop US and International flights. You can reach 4 continents in one day – there are so many options!   We also have 7 Private Executive Airports for added flexibility and convenience.

The reality is, South Florida, in particular Fort Lauderdale, is no longer a retirement destination.  The cosmopolitan vibe and business opportunities are drawing many individuals who are seeking their own place in the Florida sunshine.

Julie Jones-Bernard is Broker/Owner of Florida Luxurious Properties a private real estate brokerage focused on the sale of luxury residential real estate in Fort Lauderdale and Broward.