About Harbor Beach Real Estate

One of Fort Lauderdale’s most exclusive communities, Harbor Beach is located on the southern tip of the city’s barrier islands and is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean to the east and the Intracoastal to the west, with A1A running through its core.

Harbor Beach is a gated community in Fort Lauderdale consisting of close to 400 homes ranging from magnificent multi-million-dollar waterfront estates to beautiful dry lot properties.  Many of the luxury homes in Harbor Beach have private dockage deep enough for expansive yachts.

A water sports paradise, Harbor Beach provides private beach access along with its own beach club and marina, as well as private security, lending an exclusive and resort-style atmosphere to the community. Only minutes away, famous Las Olas Boulevard offers a wide array of fine boutiques, galleries, restaurants, and cafes.  Conveniently located, Harbor Beach is also close to downtown Fort Lauderdale’s Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District and a short drive from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

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Why Buy a Home in Harbor Beach?

View of Harbor Beach real estate from the waterHarbor Beach is certainly a vibrant and very diverse neighborhood. And of course, we aren’t just talking about the residents. Harbor Beach real estate is recognized for possessing buildings that consist of different architectural styles ranging from traditional, Mediterranean, and contemporary. Many of the properties situated in this neighborhood are waterfront residences that are equipped with their very own private dockage. These docks are able to accommodate both luxury yachts and sports boats. And the best feature of this neighborhood is that all Harbor Beach homes provide occupants with unobstructed waterway passages to the Atlantic ocean. If you’re a boating enthusiast and enjoy taking your vessel out on the open water, Harbor Beach is the residency for you.

Here at Florida Luxurious Properties, we are completely and entirely devoted to help each client find the home of their dreams. When you reach out to us to inquire about Harbor Beach real estate, we feel certain that there will be a home there that’s right for you. We also feel certain that your newly acquired Harbor Beach home will provide you with much more than what you asked for.

Things to do in Harbor Beach

Harbor Beach provides quite a few amenities to residents who are seeking entertainment, excitement, leisure, and fine and casual dining.

Thanks to unobstructed waterways, residents can take their vessels out to both open water and various locations in the Intracoastal conveniently. Boating enthusiasts can truly enjoy the calmness of the sea without a fixed bridge in the way to impede their activities. And if one morning you decide you want to go golfing, all you need to do is pack your equipment and drive to the nearest golf course, which is no more than 10 minutes away.

Whatever you wish to do in Harbor Beach, you’ll surely be able to do it. Below are just a few of the activities you can partake in as a resident in Harbor Beach

Marine Activities in Harbor Beach

Being a resident in South Florida provides the opportunity to engage in plentiful different marine activities. And if you happen to live in Harbor Beach, you can enjoy them all with the ultimate convenience.

Because most Harbor Beach Fort Lauderdale real estate is constructed with private dockage, occupants are able to occupy the extra space adjacent to their homes with their own yacht or standard boat. And thanks to this, Harbor Beach real estate owners can take their vessel out and perform any water-based activities they wish to perform. For yachters, you can easily take your boat out in open water with no obstructions whatsoever, allowing you to traverse through waters or travel to various South Florida locations with no impediments at the beginning of their journey. You can also, of course, gain easy access to open water with a regular sport boat as well and even boat to various amenities that are located in the Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal. Or you can even simply have a picnic on the boat with friends, family, or even guests.

Other than boating, Harbor Beach real estate Fort Lauderdale owners can even perform other leisure marine activities that include:

  • Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • And much more!

Family Activities & Nightlife in & Around Harbor Beach

Harbor Beach homes are an ideal location for those seeking properties that will accommodate families.

If you’re a member of a family, then you’re well-aware of how important it is to be engaged with other members of your family. For this reason, owning and occupying a Harbor Beach home will prove to be most beneficial for your family as a whole. And this is because there a wide assortment of activities you can engage with your family, both at home and at nearby amenities.

Of course, with the application of your private dock, you and your family members can traverse through the water and engage in marine activities together. You and your children can go fishing, go swimming, or you can all even simply picnic out in the ocean. But other than performing solely boat-based activities, you can also take your boat out to various locations such as restaurants where you and others can enjoy fine or casual dining. You can even simply dock your boat at another location just to visit specialty shops or other businesses. And besides boat and marine activities, you can also take your family to local museums (such as the Museum of Discovery & Science) and visit local exhibits and get cultured about various information and arts.

But if you’re a single occupant living in one of our listed Harbor Beach homes, you can also enjoy other amenities that aren’t family-oriented as well. In fact, you can even enjoy amenities that are provided by the nightlife culture of Fort Lauderdale. There are numerous bars located nearby where patrons can enjoy a cold drink and engage with the community. And if you don’t fancy a drink, you can always visit one of the many vibrant nightclubs situated nearby or even immerse yourself in dance as you visit one of Fort Lauderdale’s music venues.

No matter what you wish to do, we can promise you that one of our Harbor Beach Fort Lauderdale homes for sale will provide you with everything you need.

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