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For Boat Owners

Known as the “Venice of America” Fort Lauderdale offers 165 miles of waterways with endless options to make your home where your yacht is. Whether you are looking for a single-family residence or a condominium there are many waterfront neighborhoods located on private canals, the Intracoastal Waterway, direct oceanfront, the New River or lakefront that provide unrestricted access to the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

When purchasing a waterfront property, specifically for dockage purposes, certain features should be considered, for instance:

Ocean Access – Know the homes distance to the nearest inlet and how much time it will take to reach the open waters of the Atlantic on your vessel.

Fixed Bridges – Know the height and draft of your vessel for bridge clearance at both high and low tides.

Set-Backs – These are established ‘view corridors’ and your vessel may not extend past them on either side of the property therefore, you must know the overall length of your vessel, not the length at the waterline.

Canal Width – Know the beam (width) of your vessel as it may not extend more than 30% past the property line, including the dock, into the canal.

Canal Depth – Know the draft of your vessel to allow for access in and out of the canal at tide changes and confirm water depth at dock for bottom clearance.

Hoists and Lifts – Depending on the specific watercraft and or water toys, weight capacity of such should be verified.

Boat Diagram

Canal Widths and Setbacks

BAY COLONYCanal WidthSet Backs
North Compass Drive9010'
Bay Colony Drive9010'
Compass Isle9010'
Compass Lane9010'
Bay Colony Lane10010'
Compass Road9010'
Compass DriveOpen10'
Compass Point10'
Bay Colony Point10'

NE 17th Avenue N 103 S 1355'
20th AvenueE 2805'
S Victoria Park RoadE 150 W 1305'
North GordonW 130 E 1405'
Victoria TerraceE 1005'
Brickell DriveNew River Open10'

CORAL RIDGECanal WidthSet Backs
Seminole DriveW 90 E Open10'
Bayview DriveE 10010'
NE 12th StreetS 90 N Open10'
NE 15th StreetS 120 N 12010'
NE 16th StreetS 120 N 12010'
NE 17th StreetS 120 N 11510'
NE 18th StreetS 11510'
Intracoastal DriveOpen10'
NE 24th StreetN 13010'
NE 24th CourtS 130 N 11010'
NE 24th PlaceS 110 N 11010'
NE 25th StreetS 110 N 10010'
NE 25th CourtS 100 N 10010'
NE 26th StreetS 10010'
NE 26th CourtN 10510'
NE 26th PlaceS 105 N 11010'
NE 27th StreetS 110 N 11010'
NE 28th StreetS 110 N 11010'
NE 29th StreetS 110 N 11010'
NE 30th StreetS 11010'
NE 32nd StreetN 11010'
NE 33rd CourtS 110 N 11010'
NE 35th StreetS 110 N 11010'
NE 35th CourtS 110 N 11010'
NE 36th StreetS 110 N 11010'
NE 37th StreetS 110 N 11010'
NE 37th CourtS 110 N 19510'
NE 38th StreetS 195 N 805'
NE 39th StreetS 80 N 805'
NE 40th StreetS 80 N 805'
NE 40th CourtS 80 N 805'
NE 41th StreetS 80 N 805'
NE 42nd StreetS 80 N 805'
NE 43rd StreetS 80 N 805'
NE 44th StreetS 80 N 805'
NE 45th StreetS 80 N 805'
NE 46th StreetS 80 N 805'
NE 47th StreetS 80 N 805'
NE 47th CourtS 80 N 805'
NE 48th StreetS 80 N 805'
NE 49th StreetS 805'
NE 51st StreetN 805'

HARBOR BEACHCanal WidthSet Backs
East Lake DriveN 220+10'
River Lane DriveW 85′10'
West Lake DriveE 22010'
Mercedes DriveS 130 N 15010'
Lucille DriveS 150 N 11010'
Laguna DriveS 110 N 120-Open10'
Laguna TerraceS 120-150-Open10'
Del Lago DriveS 150 N 12010'
Isla Bahia DriveS 120-open N 110-open10'
Harborage Isle DriveN 110-open10'
Isla Bahia Terrace10'

HILLSBORO MILECanal WidthSet Backs
Hillsboro MileICW Open10'

Solar Plaza DriveW 90-180 E 1005'
Flamingo DriveW 90-180 E 905'
Solar Isle DriveW 100 E 855'
Riviera Isles DriveW 85 E 1005'
Poinciana DriveW 1105'
Idlewyld DriveE Open5′

THE LANDINGSCanal WidthSet Backs  
Bayview DriveE 905′
NE 31st AvenueW 90 E 905′
NE 55th CourtS 90 N Open5′
NE 32nd AvenueW 90 E 905′
NE 33rd AvenueW 90 E Intracostal5′
NE 56th CourtS 90 N 905′
NE 57th StreetS 90 N 905′
NE 57th CourtS 90 N 1005′
NE 58th StreetS 100 N 1005′
NE 59th StreetS 100 N 1005′

LAS OLAS ISLESCanal WidthSet Backs
Mola Avenue5'
Isle of CapriW 110 E 1055′
Bontana AvenueW 105 E 955′
Coconut IsleW 95 E 905′
Lido DriveW 90 E 8610'
San Marco DriveW 85 E 8510′
Coral WayW 85 E 9010′
Royal Plaza DriveW 85 E 90‐18010'
Isles of PalmsW 90‐180 E 8510'
Gordon RoadW 150 E 3005'
Hendricks IsleW 300 E 16010'
Isle of VeniceW 160 E 11010'
Fiesta WayW 110 E 11010'
Nurmi DriveW 110 E 11010'
Royal Palm DriveW 110 E 11010'
Seven IslesW 10010'
Del Mar PlaceS 100 N 9010'
Castilla PlaceS 90 N 9010'
Pelican DriveS 90 N 10010'
Sea Island DriveS 100 N 10010'
Barcelona DriveS 100 N 9510'
Aqua Vista BoulevardS 95 N Open10'
Desota DriveN 10010'

West TradewindsOpen5'
East Tradewinds905'
South Tradewinds1005'
Tropic Drive1005'
Imperial Lane905'
Codrington Drive905'
NE 42nd Court1105'
NE 34th Avenue10010'
Castle Harbor IslesE 100 S 1105'
Fort Royal IsleE 100 S 1105'

SE 14th StreetS 140 N 1555'
SE 13th StreetS 155 N 1405'
SE 12th CourtS 140 N 1105'
SE 12th StreetS 110 N 110North 10'/ South 5'
SE 11th StreetS 110 N 10510'
SE 10th StreetS 105 N 12010'
SE 9th StreetS 120 N 120-30010'
SE 8th StreetS 120-300 N 12010'
SE 7th StreetS 125 N open10'
Cordova RoadE 80-1105'
Ponce De Leon Drive70-1205'
Rio Vista Boulevard70-1205'

SUNRISE KEYCanal WidthSetbacks
Sunrise Key BoulevardS 290 N 11010'
1st Key DriveN 120 E 12010'
2nd Key DriveW 100 E 9410'
3rd Key Drive W 94 E 10010'
4th Key DriveW 100 E 9710'
5th Key DriveW 97 E 300 Open10'
Karen DriveE 12010'
Middle River DriveS Open10'

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