About Las Olas Isles Real Estate

Las Olas Isles is a prestigious waterfront community in Fort Lauderdale, a world-famous yachting capital known as “The Venice of America”. Nestled on scenic finger isles on grand canals, properties in this stunning neighborhood include luxurious estate homes, many of which have spectacular water views. With deep water dockage and wide canals, Las Olas Isles homes are a boater’s dream and are highly sought after by buyers looking for an exclusive, luxury property.

Residents in Las Olas Isles have easy access to the beach, as well as the upscale commercial district of Las Olas Boulevard. Considered prime Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate, Las Olas Isles offers a Luxurious Florida waterfront lifestyle.

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Why Buy Las Olas Real Estate

Las Olas is a hotspot Florida location that’s history is just as rich and full as the people who live in it.

Its name meaning “The Waves” in Spanish, Las Olas is a historic area that helped create the Fort Lauderdale area as we know it. And this is mostly thanks to Frank and Ivy Stranahan – the founding pioneers of Fort Lauderdale who also owned and operated the Stranahan House — a trading post and modern Broward County’s first post office. When tourists come to Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas is often one of the first places they go to, and this is because this area of the city truly captures what Fort Lauderdale is most recognized for: relaxation and sunny days.

But of course, history and a relaxing atmosphere aren’t the only features that Las Olas is known for. When you occupy Las Olas Isles real estate, you also get to enjoy many of the amenities that are spread from Andrews Ave in the Central Business district all the way to A1A and Fort Lauderdale Beach. If you’re a boater looking to practice your hobby more, there are plenty of waterfront homes for sale in Las Olas, Florida on the easternmost section of the boulevard. And when you find yourself interested in fine or casual dining, shopping, or visiting local art galleries, you’ll be more than happy to know that Las Olas Boulevard is located nearby; an area of Fort Lauderdale that features sub-tropical breezeways and courtyards boasting a massive amount of amenities.

When you find yourself wanting a quality, luxury home in this South Florida region, don’t hesitate at all in contacting the Las Olas real estate professionals over at Florida Luxurious Properties. We are experts in finding clients their dream home when it comes to Fort Lauderdale Las Olas real estate. Rest assured, when you choose us, we can guarantee you’ll be absolutely satisfied with your real estate in Las Olas Fort Lauderdale.

Life in Las Olas

View of Las Olas real estate for sale from the intracostal

This Florida location certainly provides many pleasures to residents. And when you become an occupant in one of our listed Las Olas Isles real estate, you’ll get to experience such pleasures as well. We offer a wide assortment of homes for sale in Las Olas, Florida that can accommodate any occupant’s needs. And if your needs happen to require that you get quality leisure and relaxation with amenities located conveniently nearby, then simply purchasing any one of our listed Las Olas real estate will appease you.

Life in Las Olas for most residents often involves engaging with the local community by partaking in various activities. If you’re a boating enthusiast, then you’ll have no trouble at all befriending locals as many of them have vessels. Or if you appreciate quality cuisine, you can also find yourself dining on good food amongst friends. Whatever it is you enjoy doing, you can best believe that the Las Olas lifestyle will satisfy your needs.

Things to do in Las Olas

Due to the wide assortment of luxuries and amenities that Las Olas offers to guests, you can trust that there won’t be a day that’ll pass by where you won’t have something to do.

If you enjoy partaking in water or boating-based activities, then you may be interested to know that there are many waterfront homes for sale in Las Olas Fort Lauderdale.  The easternmost section of Las Olas Boulevard (Las Olas Isles) is interlaced with canals and waterfront homes. And most of them are constructed with their own private dockage. So when you fancy taking a trip out on the water, you can easily do that with your vessel tethered nearby.

With your boat docked conveniently close by, you can take your vessel out in open waters where you can enjoy fishing, traversing through the sea, or simply just enjoy a picnic. And of course, many of these waterfront homes for sale in Las Olas Fort Lauderdale have private dockage that can accommodate for yachts as well. So if you enjoy yachting, you can also enjoy similar activities. You can even conveniently depart from your property and travel to other regions of South Florida once your vessel leaves the canals of Las Olas Isles.

But other than simply boating, you can also enjoy numerous amenities that are conveniently located nearby in Las Olas Boulevard. With your vessel, you can boat to these amenities as some of them are located right on the canal. Or you can even take your car and drive to them instead. No matter what you decide to do, they’re all closely situated to Las Olas Isles real estate. So you won’t ever have any issues reaching these destinations in a timely fashion. And once you reach Las Olas Boulevard, you’ll find that you’ll have many options in choosing what you would like to do.

Las Olas Boulevard is full of many breezeways and courtyards that possess an enormous set of bars, night clubs, shops, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and even the world-famous and historical Riverside hotel. When you find yourself craving an ice-cold drink, many bars are situated nearby to appease your thirst. Or if instead, you’re craving fine or casual dining, the only issue you’ll have is deciding which restaurant you’d like to go to. And when you’re interested in immersing yourself in song and dance, there’ll certainly be a nightclub nearby that will allow you to do that.

Our homes for sale in Las Olas Fort Lauderdale will provide you with the luxury of engaging in a vibrant community that offers many activities for you to do. Regardless of what you wish to do, Las Olas Isles can help you do it.

Buying a Home in Las Olas

Florida Luxurious Properties can assist you in finding homes for sale in Las Olas Fort Lauderdale.

There are numerous Las Olas Isles real estate for individuals to occupy. Each one is unique and possesses facets that will surely be able to accommodate any and all of your needs.

If you find yourself interested in purchasing one of our listed waterfront homes for sale in Las Olas Fort Lauderdale, we feel certain that we’ll have a home for you.

No matter what it is you desire, you can trust Florida Luxurious Properties can be there to help you.

Buying a Condo in Las Olas

Other than standard luxury houses, we can also assist you in purchasing one of our listed Las Olas Isles condos for sale.

By owning one of our Las Olas Isles condos, you’ll have the opportunity to have an amazing view of the city, the canals, and the ocean all in one setting. Our Las Olas condos for sale are spacious so that you can accessorize them in any manner you see fit. And they are all conveniently and closely situated to all amenities that Las Olas Boulevard provides.

We have numerous condos for sale in Las Olas Fort Lauderdale. If you ever find yourself interested in occupying condos in this area of Fort Lauderdale, you can best believe that we can help you.

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