About Hillsboro Shores Real Estate

Hillsboro Shores is a charmingly preserved seaside enclave located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, south of Boca Raton, north of Fort Lauderdale, and adjacent to the Hillsboro Inlet and Hillsboro Beach in East Pompano Beach.

Hillsboro Shores was established in 1951 and consists of a variety of single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums. The location is perfect for those seeking single-family living, with its peaceful island vibe and some of the most relaxingly beautiful and scenic beachfront homes in South Florida. This pristine stretch of beach offers gated access, limiting public use for quiet enjoyment. The Gold Coast’s finest shops, restaurants, sporting clubs, major highways, and international airports are within easy reach.

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Why Buy a Home in Hillsboro Shores

When you want a tropical Floridian lifestyle, buying one of our listed Hillsboro Shores real estate will prove to be most beneficial.

When you purchase one of our Hillsboro Shores homes for sale, you’ll gain the opportunity to live within a unique beachside community that provides residents an “island feeling” that you can’t get almost anywhere else in South Florida. You’ll also gain a property that’s situated in a very quiet and peaceful setting that’s free of nuisances.

Many of the Hillsboro Beach, Florida real estate for sale in this area provides residents with the opportunity to have direct access to the beach through two private beach access points. And while such features seem to indicate expensive property, we can assure you that our Hillsboro Beach real estate is among the most affordable – yet still largest – luxury properties in all of Broward County. You can especially get a good deal from purchasing our dry front properties as they are still in close proximity to the beach (beach access is less than 1/4 of a mile away for all Hillsboro Shores homeowners.

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Things to do in Hillsboro Shores

View of the beach from the backyard of Hillsboro Shores real estateThanks to the peaceful atmosphere that Hillsboro Shores provides, you’ll be able to enjoy leisure activities to the fullest extent once you become a resident. A relaxing day at Hillsboro Shores can provide you with the opportunity to have a picnic with your family or even have a small get together with friends and dine over homecooked food. Or instead, if you happen to be a boating enthusiast, you can take your vessel out on the water and enjoy a sunny day out in the ocean as you fish or take a soak. But if you find that you wish to do more than just simply relax, you’ll be happy to know that Hillsboro Beach real estate has many amenities situated close by for your pleasure.

Whenever you’re craving fine or casual dining, you can simply untether your vessel and boat over to the nearest restaurant to fill yourself. Or you can even take your car to such destinations as driving to them won’t take long. Other than restaurants, there are also bars, music venues, night clubs, and much more located nearby.

Family & Nightlife in Hillsboro Shores

While Hillsboro Shores is a relatively peaceful community, the area it resides in provides residents with the opportunity to engage with their families or even with the nightlife community in exciting activities.

Many of our Hillsboro Shores homes for sale are designed to accommodate single families. When you and your family move into one, your family will be able to enjoy many amenities that are close by. Of course, there are restaurants that are family-friendly. But when you find that you want to do much more than that you can take a trip to local museums and get cultured through various exhibits. The Museum of Science & Discovery is an amazing destination for families to visit. There are also numerous art museums and galleries located close by as well. Or you can even take a trip to the IMAX movie theater and watch a film on a quality screen with equally quality service.

But if you wish to do something closer towards the evening, you can also opt-in getting acquainted with South Florida’s nightlife culture. And you can do this by simply visiting one of the bars nearby and grabbing a drink with friends. Or you can even immerse yourself in dance and song as you enjoy the festivities that local nightclubs offer.

Regardless of what it is you wish to do, you can best believe that our Hillsboro Shores real estate services can assist you.

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