About Idlewyld Real Estate

Real estate in Idlewyld is extremely desirable, consisting of luxurious waterfront homes and some of the best Intracoastal views in Fort Lauderdale. The community is centrally located in the city, and Idlewyld homes for sale include elegant, historic houses, and sleek, modern luxury homes. Idlewyld is a gated community and includes a 24-hour security patrol.

Ideally located and surrounded by stunning Intracoastal views, it’s easy to see why Idlewyld is so attractive to buyers looking to live in a luxury community. Idlewyld homes offer masterpiece living spaces on the water, with deep water dockage for yacht owners.

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Why You Should Purchase Idlewyld Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale

Idlewyld real estate is highly recognized for the amazing nautical and city scenery it provides to occupants. Which is why there are numerous individuals who seek to have a residency here. It’s also seen as an amazing dwelling for boating enthusiasts as most homes in Idlewyld are luxury waterfront properties.

If you admire the idea of living in a historic home that’s full of elegant architectural appeal, then it would be foolish to pass up on the opportunity to purchase one of our listed Idlewyld, Florida real estate. These homes are practically designed for those who are looking for ultimate leisure in a Florida subtropical setting. If you’re a boater, for instance, you can take your vessel out on the water and visit any of the closely situated amenities such as fine and casual restaurants or shopping centers. Or you can even just simply take your vessel out to open waters as Idlewyld is closely situated to the strait that connects the Stranahan River to the ocean. With this last feature, especially, you can enjoy partaking in a wide-myriad of water-based activities. If you’re interested in ocean fishing, then all you need to do is grab your rods and bait and sail off into the sea. Or if you’re interested in just taking your family out for a picnic on the sea, you can do that easily by untethering your vessel from your own private dock and ride it out through the strait.

And speaking of family, Idlewyld real estate also houses a great community for families to dwell in. This is mostly due to the fact that many nearby amenities accommodate for family entertainment needs. But other than that, the 24-hour security patrol that’s implemented in the Idlewyld neighborhood guarantees that your family will be kept from harm’s way constantly.

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