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Meet Ela

Ela is a part of our “international” delegation at Florida Luxurious Properties. Born in Turkey, she graduated from Ankara University of Communications. In 1999 she studied post-graduate, at the iconic New York University in the United States. In 2009 Ela and her husband, who is in the yachting industry, permanently relocated to South Florida to expand their business opportunities.

In 2014 they opened an international brokerage company in Istanbul, where Ela was the liaison between her high-end builder contacts in the United States and her buyers in Turkey. Eventually Ela acquired her real estate license in South Florida and joined Florida Luxurious Properties in 2018, where she specializes in luxury waterfront properties and continues to match her international clients with her real estate inventory.

Having recognized the positive influence of the mind and body connection, Ela was introduced to Pilates. She became a Pilates Instructor in 2011, eventually earning the title of Senior Pilates Instructor.

Ela’s adorable dog Reina, a rescue herself, fires Ela’s passion for saving dogs.  She has become an International Foster Mom for dogs from her home country needing a forever home with one of her worldwide connections.

As a former resident of Perugia, Italy, her European upbringing, extensive travel between France, Spain and the Middle East and her current residence in the United States, Ela has gained a wealth of knowledge in real estate, transactions, and property management. She currently lives in Fort Lauderdale and Istanbul.

“Real estate is my passion. It became part of my journey, and I hope to become part of yours.”

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