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Meet Heather

Originally from the Midwest, Heather has been a South Florida resident for over 30 years. She is one of our professional ‘working Moms’ at Florida Luxurious Properties, where family and community ties are highly valued and appreciated.

Prior to raising her family, she graduated from Saint Andrews in Boca Raton and then left South Florida to attend Auburn University where she earned her degree in Business with an emphasis in both marketing and logistics. Heather returned to Boca Raton to pursue a successful career in marketing and web development before moving to Fort Lauderdale and starting her family. She lives in Coral Ridge with her husband and her three children.

As the wife of Jay Lefka (Bomar Builders, Inc.), Heather has been surrounded by some of the finest custom residences in South Florida for over 15 years. Heather’s passion for interior design, architecture and luxury residences has led her to pursue the real estate profession with Florida Luxurious Properties. Heather enjoys cultivating the client relationship aspect of the real estate profession and describes her approach to the business as a seamless collaboration between client and estate agent ultimately resulting in consummate luxury real estate transactions.

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